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Ben Creese – Sports Nutrition and Good Health

I started using the Cellular Nutrition products as the idea of giving my body high tech food made sense to me.  I was already quite fit and healthy however I was amazed to find that once on the products my energy and stamina continued to grow over the first two months.  Immediately my recovery time and muscle soreness from hockey training and gym work decreased, allowing me to train harder without worry.


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Beck’s Testimonial

My Health & Weight loss Story……………

Hi, my name is Becky. 5 years ago  I was a coffee & 2 cigarettes for breakfast kinda girl! I was introduced to the Herbalife products through the business opportunity and initially used them to gain health and energy. After 3 days I stopped napping when my toddler did.

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How much water do you need a day?

Water is an important structural component of skin cartilage, tissues and organs. For human beings, every part of the body is dependant on water.

Our body is about 75% water.

The average adult loses about 2.5 litres water daily through perspiration, breathing and elimination.


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Muscle Mass & Physique Rating!

Physique rating: This feature assesses your physique according to the ratio of body fat and muscle mass in your body. As you become more active and reduce your Body Fat %, your Physique Rating will also change.

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Metabolic Age

This feature calculates your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and indicates the average age associated with that type of metabolism.


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