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Muscle Mass & Physique Rating!

Physique rating: This feature assesses your physique according to the ratio of body fat and muscle mass in your body. As you become more active and reduce your Body Fat %, your Physique Rating will also change.

Muscle Mass: This is the weight of muscle in your body. Muscles act as the body’s engine in consuming energy (calories). As you exercise more, your muscle mass increases which in turn accelerates the rate of energy or calories consumed. Increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolic rate helping you reduce excess body fat levels and lose weight the healthy way.


Protein & Muscle Mass:
Protein Powder is a convenient way to increase your protein consumption – which helps to maintain a sense of fullness between meals and helps to maintain lean muscle mass. FOR WEIGHT Management, not all protein powders are created equal. 5gms of protein for only 20 calories. Compared to 20 almonds for 140 calories at 4gms on protein.

Continuous water loss over time will speed up aging as well as increase risk of disease.

If you body is not sufficiently hydrated, the cells will draw water from your bloodstream, which will make your heart work harder.

So how much water is enough? The minimum amount depends on your body weight, as a general rule of thumb you require 31mls for every kg you weigh.

Tea, Coffee do not count towards water intake. Herbal Tea’s do.