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Merri Hurst Testimonial

Tired all the time? Lacking in energy? Depressed? Anxious? Overweight?

I was too!!

My name is Meredith Hurst and 6 months ago I was all of the above… and

All I knew was something had to give! I was very overweight, had chronic fatigue, severe depression and anxiety. I couldn’t see much beyond my thoughts.

I had a lap band put in 12 months ago… but it got to a stage where I couldn’t eat anything solid before about 3pm. My energy levels had left me and I was getting sick all the time… not to mention the weight VERY slowly coming off.

6 months ago a good friend of mine put me on to Herbalife. Within 3 days I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels!!! My doctor has reduced the antidepressant medication, the fatigue has gone AND I haven’t been sick since!!! I get out of bed every morning now looking forward to the day ahead rather than dreading it!!

… and the BEST part… I HAVE LOST 12KG!!!!!!!

Merri Hurst Six Months Ago

Merri Hurst Six Months Ago

Merri Hurst Today

Merri Hurst Today

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